How to Pick Out Art for Your Home


Picking out art is a great way to bring life into your space and to let your personality seep through, but the process can be intimidating with endless styles and options available. I am indecisive by nature and find so many things beautiful, that it can be tough committing to a few pieces. On top of that, my coins are SACRED and I don’t love seeing money leave my bank account. Who can relate?

If you’re anything like me, see below for how I finally committed to a few affordable art finds.

1. You Like What You Like - OWN It, Babe!

It’s so easy to compare your style to everything you see online. I 100% believe in using the web for inspiration, but remember to seek art that EVOKES something in you. Personally, I have art that is calming, prints that make me feel like a boss ‘bish’ and others that remind me of my roots. Take note of how certain pieces make you feel and consider what you could use a little more of in your everyday. If you’re not into feelings, consider what colors flow or contrast well with your space.

urban outfitters home bookshelf
west elm dresser

2. What if I Don’t Know What I Like?

Trouble identifying your personal style? I’ve been there too, love. If this is you, hop online or window shop for inspo and notice the common themes that keep catching your eye. Do you keep turning back to pieces with colorful graphics? Are photography prints of wild animals tickling your fancy? Are you catching feels for both? Great! Notice these common themes and accept your developing style because it is completely yours - quirks and all! Lastly, I had to accept the fact that I typically like items that are “trending.” Being a follower doesn’t seem fun on the surface, but certain things are trending for a reason typically. So, if you are completely lost…turn to what fresh finds popular interior blogs are serving up for guidance.

3. Be Aware of Sizing

I did not consider this for the first two art pieces I purchased and that coin is now wasting away underneath my dresser (storage space is a joke in NYC). An issue that could have been avoided with a little measuring tape. Be sure to roughly measure the wall space you plan to hang or rest your future art additions. Based on the available real-estate, you can decide how many pieces to showcase and around what size they should be. Remember, gallery walls are a great option too! Let me know down below, if you would like a gallery wall how-to.

beautiful bedroom

4. What if I don’t have “GALLERY Art Money?”

If you don’t have gallery money, thankfully you have options. I’ve got you, boo!

  • Thrift, thrift and thrift some more (great option for finding vintage frames too)

  • Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace (great in larger cities where people are moving often)

  • Friends and Family (four of my favorite art pieces were drawn by close friends)

  • Frame fun graphic paper or fabric with a cute print

  • Use affordable online art curating sites. They source up and coming artists and sell their work at a fair price for everyone. I signed up for the newsletter and waited until they had a sale to pull the trigger on my first large art pieces btw!

5. Lastly, nothing is permanent

It feels awful when you invest in something and it ends up not working out, but you can trust that someone out there will love it. So, you can either return or resell your uh-oh purchase. I promise, all will be alright!

Colorful Art styling
Handmade by Brittany Herbert

Handmade by Brittany Herbert