The Perfect Smoothie Bowl (thicc with two c's)

smoothie bowl

If you want your smoothie bowls as ‘thicc’ as your thighs, you MUST keep two major ingredients handy…frozen banana and frozen MANGO. The mango is the secret sauce that is crucial to any smoothie bowls success.

One more IMPORTANT note is the liquid. If you want to do it right, take your time and add a little bit of nut milk/water at a time. Your blender will sound like its BEGGING for more liquid. She will sound thirsty and pretend like she’s dying, but you must ignore her dramatics and let it do the work. Only add more liquid when your blender has CLEARLY had enough and nothing is moving within 5-10 seconds.


For the Smoothie:

1 cup frozen mango

1 cup frozen banana (1 small banana)

1 cup frozen strawberries (or whatever frozen berries you have)

3/4 cup nut milk of choice

1-2 cups fresh spinach (optional)

1/2 cup rolled oats (optional)

  • feel free to also add any taste-free protein powder if this your post workout treat

For the Toppings:

smoothie bowl

Sliced strawberries

Sliced banana

Coconut shavings

Peanut or almond butter


Chia seeds

  • Honestly, anything that you love could go on top!


  1. Combine frozen fruit and milk in a blender (I used my NutriBullet). Puree until completely smooth - the mixture should be “thicc.” Add a touch more liquid if necessary to get it to blend completely smooth.

  2. Transfer to a bowl and add toppings as desired. Enjoy!