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There’s no place like maui

Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park

My travel buddy and bestie Brittany!

My travel buddy and bestie Brittany!

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Being gridlocked in NYC can make anyone tightly wound and I was definitely reaching that point. This vacation came right in the midst of pure chaos and I couldn’t be more thankful. This post is not going to be a travel guide and I am not a travel blogger. My main goal with this post is to simply share a few of my favorite snapshots and to help you make it your goal to visit Maui at least one time before you leave this earth.

It is absurdly expensive and I am super thankful for a family who still invites me + a friend on their vacations, leaving me to only cover my flight and food. Regardless, I understand that vacationing in Hawaii is a major privilege, but if you are a dreamer and happen to practice the art of saving coins for travel please bump Maui to the top of your list!

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This was my first beach vacation where I truly loved the swimsuits I was in. They were all from Lime Ricki and I felt so confident in each set. The tops are super supportive and each item is designed to be flattering for a wide variety of body types. Lastly, the pieces are all modest, but do not compromise style. What more could a gal want? I’ll link each bikini below!

Black sand beach (Road to hana 2018)

Black sand beach (Road to hana 2018)

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Major RecommendatioN

I know I said this will not be a travel guide, but if you do visit Maui there are four things that I’ve learned you must do during your stay (this was our second time there btw).

  • Road to Hana - this is probably NYC’s equivalent to going to Time Square, except much more breathtaking and worth your time. We didn’t do the Road to Hana this trip because it is long (6-8~ hours depending on how much exploring you do) and can get expensive (depending on if you go on a guided tour or rent a car). Lastly, we wanted to explore somewhere new and less time consuming. If you are ever in Maui, it is def worth seeing at least once. Don’t forget to try the banana bread from one of the local stops!

  • Snorkeling - we missed this memo on our first visit and looking back, I regret not trying this sooner! Hot damn, I’m so glad we finally went for it. You can rent gear from a local shop and get their recommendations on where to go for the best underwater views on the day you go. We went very far out and it was a little uncomfortable at first, but once we got used to only breathing through our mouths, we were golden. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TRY THIS! So much beautiful marine life and breathtaking views of the coral reefs.

  • Seafood - hands down some of the freshest and tastiest seafood I’ve had. Paia Fish Market and The Fish Market Maui are two of the best!

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Anywhere that can serve up breathtaking beaches and beautiful mountain views all at the same time is the dream. Forever thankful for the opportunity to visit this miniature paradise and hope you do to someday! Thanks for reading and do tell, are you more of a beach or mountain excursion type? I used to live in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, but have a deep love for both.

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